New tracking system for imported frozen food to start next week!

The Municipal Affairs Bureau (IAM) said in a statement on Wednesday that in order to track down problematic imported frozen food products more easily, it has launched a new tracking system which will be implemented next week.

Starting next Tuesday, every approved frozen food product must be recorded on the new tracking system, according to the statement. Importers of frozen food products must record who bought their products and how many they sold, the statement said.

According to the statement, the bureau has hosted four meetings with over 200 frozen food import companies to explain the new tracking system. The statement said that the bureau listened to the companies’ opinions and simplified the recording process.

The statement said that the new system was easy to use, adding that importers only needed to record their imported frozen food products on a website.

The statement also said that starting from next week, the bureau would provide a tailor-made QR code for each order of imported frozen food products that tests negative for COVID-19. When the importers sell their frozen products to retailers, the latter only need to scan the QR to update the whereabouts of the product.

Two weeks ago, Shenzhen’s Longgang district tested an order of frozen chicken wings which proved positive for the novel coronavirus. Afterwards, the local authorities were alerted to the situation which then traced and checked Macao’s frozen meat import records.

Yesterday’s statement said the bureau hoped that by implementing the new tracking system, it would be able to locate problematic frozen food imports faster and easier when situations like the last time occur.

For more information, people may access or call 8296 9910 or 8296 9978 during IAM’s office hours.



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